About our Prints, Photographs, & Warranties


Unless otherwise stated, we use only archival materials for our Prints and Photographs, thus all paper products are acid free and the pigments that are used for them are an enhanced Gicleé process. This process has been rated by Wilhelm Imaging Research Foundation to have an expected life expectancy in excess of 100 years for all materials that we use.  (www.wilhelm-research.com).


Please see the report on their website, or ask us for a copy that you can view to understand the conditions under which the tests were conducted.


Unless otherwise stated, All Photographic and artistic prints produced by DNA Photographic are warranted to not have noticeable discoloration or fading of the image providing they are cared for in a reasonable fashion for a minimum of 100 years, and with certain materials and proper storage, they will last for up to 200 years.

Reasonable care means that the prints would be framed under UV protective

glass, with acid free materials such as would be suitable for any fine art graphic, gicleé, lithograph, or serigraphs. Unframed photos, ones placed in unprotected direct sunlight, or subjected to excessive cigarette smoke will degrade unpredictably, and will not be warranted except for initial quality. 

Canvas Mural Prints are warranted for initial workmanship and color, and with

reasonable care should remain free of noticeable discoloration or fading of the

image for a period in excess of 25 years. Reasonable care is defined as avoiding unprotected direct sunlight and cleaned with only a damp cloth without any cleaning products. 

DVD’s and CD’s (Media) are warranted against initial quality defects and to

remain so for a period of 5 years or more. With proper care, CD’s should have a life expectancy of 75 years; DVD’s should last for at least 50 years. However: because of variations in handling and storage, we can only warrant them for 5 years. Please handle these as if (as in fact they are) the “negatives” of the past.

Reasonable care is defined as storage or playback temperatures not to exceed 95° Fahrenheit, 75% Relative Humidity (non-condensing). Neither media should be left in direct sunlight. Media that has shattered is caused by a failure of the playback mechanism and is not warranted. Media that is warped has be exposed to high temperatures and will not be warranted. Media that is scratched has been mishandled, and will not be warranted. Not all players of DVD media are capable of playing recordable DVD discs. We use DVD+R media, which has the highest degree of backwards and forward compatibility, but in the event that a disc that plays here and doesn’t play on your home equipment is discovered, we will remake the media once to be certain that it is not due to defective materials. If this does not remedy the problem, we will credit that portion of your order so that you may chose something different as a presentation.

Clarity, contrast and color: All televisions have different settings for contrast and color rendition, and differing capabilities for resolution and clarity. This vary from set-to-set and from manufacturer-to-manufacturer, as well as changes with aging of the set and type of display system (Picture tube, LCD, Plasma, Projection, etc). We design our presentations to be within the “safe area” for NTSC television Standards (480P) and to match the CIE color profiles for NTSC specifications.  In the event that you set is “over-scanning” (cutting off part of the images), showing “off” color, or looks “washed out”, these are NOT failures in either the process or workmanship of DNA Photographic, and will not be corrected. 

Computer Viewing: Just as TV sets vary in characteristics for color, clarity, contrast and resolution, so do computers. CD’s viewed on a calibrated sRBG monitor or LCD screen should match what you see here on our systems. However; since most systems are not calibrated, some color variations are unavoidable. Watching DVD’s on your computer should be done “at size” and not expanded to full screen, as these were intended for viewing on a television set, or media monitor, not a computer. Enlarging them to full screen will produce “Fuzzy” images and, no, we cannot make High Definition versions of these.

Gallery and Presentation Books: Gallery and Presentation books are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years, and free from fading and discoloration for a period of 5 years with reasonable care. Properly cared for, these books should last a lifetime.

Reasonable care means avoiding water on the covers or pages in any quantity. The outside of the books may be wiped with a slightly damp cloth for cleaning. Avoid unprotected direct sunlight, high humidity, or excessively high temperatures. All of these will cause various failures of the books including release of binding, page adhesion, and discoloration of pages and will not be covered by this warranty. Gallery books with laminated pages are also warranted not to delaminate or abrade for a period of 5 years, but again, with reasonable care should last a lifetime.

DNA Photographics’ liability for failure to repair a product under this warranty after a reasonable number of attempts is limited to the replacement of the product with equal or greater value as the exclusive remedy for breech of warranty. Under no circumstances shall DNA Photographic be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages based on breech of warranty, breech of contract, negligence, strict liability, or any other legal theory. Such Damages include, but are not limited to, loss of profits, loss of product, cost of capital, purchasers’ time, third party claims, or injury to property. The laws of some jurisdictions limit or do not allow the disclaimer of consequential damages. If the laws of such a jurisdiction apply to any claim by or against DNA Photographic, the limitations and disclaimers contained here shall be to the greatest extent permitted by law.

These warranties listed herein contain the entire warranty and shall be in lieu of any and all other warranties whether expressed or implied (including all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness or suitability for a particular purpose) and of all other obligations or liabilities on the part of DNA Photographic.  DNA Photographic neither assumes the responsibility for, nor authorizes any other person purporting to act on its behalf to modify or change this warranty, nor to assume for it any other warranty or liability concerning these products. This disclaimer of warranties and limited warranty are governed by the laws of the State of Oregon and the United States of America.