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Rick Maday

Rick Maday has been professionally photographing since he was 18 years old, having picked up his first camera when he was 13. He wasn't always intent on becoming a photographer, however. 

While in school, he was receiving formal training for art using the traditional media choices when it was noticed that most of his work was "ridden with details" as one instructor observed, who then suggested a different approach:  Instead of trying to make his paintings and sketches into photographs, use photographs and alter or remove those details to make art. This was the turning point for Rick, who then devoted most of his time to the "black art" (in traditional art thought) of photography. He still paints and sketches, but it is still photography that moves him at the core.

His true influences are artists like Rembrandt and Vermeer in their use of light; J. W. Waterhouse, and Maxfield Parrish in their romanticism. Photographic influences are Andreas Feininger, Edward Weston, David Hamilton, and Howard Schatz.

He has photographed a true diversity of subjects from PR photos, Fashion, Nature and Wildlife, Product and Advertising, Architectural, Traditional Portraiture, Still Life Studies, and Human Form. He has received 2 Angel Awards for his work 1999 and 2001.

In 2011, Rick published a limited run table-top book called Curves: In Praise of the Female Form Which sold out shortly after offering them for sale. As these were signed and numbered limited edition, No reprints of that project were possible. 

However; in 2015 it is the intention to offer a sequel to that book to be called “Curves II: In Praise of The Female Form”. If you are interested in receiving notifications of the progress of this new venture, please contact us HERE.

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